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  • Introduction

    In February 2012, I was diagnosed with two cancers of the blood: Stage 4 Lymphoma and Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma. This blog is an attempt to share my journey, learnings and insights with you through this process.

    This has been a long and arduous year. God willing, I should be back – better than ever – in the next few months. My goal has been to embrace my vulnerability and to share my story with you with authenticity – the good, the fears and uncertainties, the blessings.

    Like the Mighty Oak Tree whose leaves and branches are constantly tested by the wind, these cancers have tested my strength beyond measure. With your continued prayers and support, and with God’s Grace, I know I will endure this journey and come out of this successfully with humility and in gratitude.

    - Munira


The Spoon Theory

Lately I’ve noticed that when people ask me how I’m doing, I say “tired but happy”.   One of my colleagues at work, Megan, said that she understood perfectly. She said that it is like “the spoon theory”. I didn’t quite know what she meant and she shared with me the story of a woman who … Continue reading

2014-04-01 Florida 262

Some thoughts from the Beach…

Dammit Dolls and Making Waves At the boardwalk on Clearwater Beach, I met the “Dammit Doll”

2014-03-27 Florida 005

Everything is different and the same

March 28, 2014 – Miami Beach, Florida. I am writing this post from South Beach, the home of beautiful people.  Of gorgeous sun and roads lined with palm trees. I feel like I am in heaven! My mind wanders to the last time I was in Florida. I had just completed 18 weeks of chemotherapy treatment … Continue reading

Would you like popcorn with your coffee?

In the Premji household, the birthday person always decides where they would like to go out for dinner. So Sabrina chose the occasion of her birthday to introduce us to Ethiopian food…

Munira V2.0

Happy Birthday Munira Version 2.0

With a CTL-ALT-DEL and a stem cell transplant, Munira Version 2.0 was born on February 15, 2013. On this, her first birthday, we are pleased to share “Munira’s Journey”, a documentary on Munira’s Journey through Cancer, as told through her eyes.

Tom Brokaw

Dear Tom

Dear Tom, I just learnt that you’ve been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. I am sorry to hear this news and felt compelled to write to you. You see, I, too, was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma…


A most curious gift has been showing up at my home over the past few months.  Friends and family have been giving me books and articles on mindfulness.  I have been piling them all up with very little intention of doing anything with it.  After all, I figure, I am the queen of mindfulness.  And … Continue reading

2014 Resolutions

For the first time in my life, I did not make any New Year’s resolutions.  I tried to write resolutions on January 1st, as I always do.  My daughter asked me repeatedly what I wanted to achieve in 2014.  Normally these delicious conversations would start at the beginning of the day and continue through the … Continue reading


I have a cool ritual when I go to the hospital once a month for treatment. My day starts at the blood lab to get bloodwork done.  This is the most stressful part of the day because my veins refuse to cooperate and quietly mock the blood technician to draw blood.  Usually, after two pokes, … Continue reading

Endings and New Beginnings…

Last year at this time, I was really ill. I tried to downplay it and pretend everything was okay.  And then on December 31st, I ended up in emergency at Toronto General Hospital sporting a raging fever.  It took a lot of effort for my family to insist that I go to the hospital, and … Continue reading


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