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Choosing Hope: A virtual book launch and author reading

This month I was scheduled to do a number of book launches, promotions and signings for my book Choosing Hope: 1 Woman. 3 Cancers. Due to COVID-19, all these events have been cancelled. So here I am, improvising and doing virtual events:

In the video below, I read a chapter from my book:

You can order the book from For a limited time, get 20% off the cover price (use code STAYHOME at checkout) and get an e-book free. If you’ve already pre-ordered from Amazon, Chapters Indigo or other online retailer, just send proof of purchase to and they will send you a free e-book to read while you wait for your printed version. (more…)

A Turtle, 2 Fish and Mother’s Day

Four weeks ago, Sabrina and Afzal adopted a turtle in an aquarium.  A few days later, the previous owner of the turtle begged them to also adopt their two fish as they were leaving the country and the fish had no home. Sabrina and Afzal agreed to take the fish, albeit a little reluctantly.

This addition to their family has caused some joy, chaos and unpredictability in their – and our – lives. (more…)

COVID-19: What consumers want

I recently read an article from the CEO of Walmart about America’s evolving shopping patterns during the coronavirus pandemic that made me smile, and then go hmmm…  What he says reflects my own experience of shopping during COVID-19. 

Several weeks ago, before the lockdown, I went to our local Food Basics to look for Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Nada. None available. These items seemed to have disappeared from the shelves. I left the store and made my way to a Shoppers Drug Mart. Surely they would have these items. Again, no wipes, no hand sanitizer and no toilet paper. I did notice one person in line struggling as he carried 3 big packs of toilet paper. I was a bit annoyed, until I found out he was picking up the extras for his neighbours. (more…)

Choosing Hope: 1 Woman. 3 Cancers.

A Story of Inspiration, Resilience and Courage

There are certain moments in my life that have left an indelible impression. Like when I held Nagib’s hand for the first time. When I saw Shayne for the first time and watched with wonder as he grabbed my hand with his little fingers. When I saw Sabrina, exquisite and elegant, in her wedding dress. And last week, when I held my book, Choosing Hope: 1 Woman. 3 Cancers. for the first time.

The book for me represents so much.  It is a story of my journey – and my family’s journey – through 3 life-threatening cancers. It is also a culmination of a lifelong dream to become an author. And it is a symbol of what you can achieve even when life throws curveball after curveball on your path. (more…)

UBUNTU: Standing together in times of COVID-19

Every day, we hear about the devastating impact of the novel coronavirus. The numbers of people who have died from COVID-19. Hospitals too overwhelmed to deal adequately with patients ill from the virus. The economy cratered into what might lead to a depression. A vaccine that still seems far of. It’s easy right now to get caught up in the breaking news about rescue flights, closed borders and cities in shutdown. “Flatten the curve” has become our new mantra (for New Zealand it is about squashing the curve). “Stay at home”, “wash your hands”, “physical distancing” have become our day to day reality.

But what if we looked at COVID-19 from a different perspective.  What if the coronavirus was a teacher.  What might we learn from it? (more…)

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