Everything You Wanted to Know About Wigs But Were Afraid To Ask

Ooh La La !

A wig is a curious thing.  I have learned that there is a real art to selecting and wearing a wig.  And when you do it right, it is a sight to behold!  Wigs come in real hair and synthetic hair and there are so many options – long hair, short hair, extensions, curly hair, straight hair, blonde hair and purple hair.  And the price range for wigs is all over the place.  There are some places where you can get donated wigs for free and I spoke to someone today who paid $700 for her wig and then added extensions on them so the total cost was a couple of thousand.

Checking out the inventory

I enlisted the help of my hairdresser, Afsan, and my daughter, Sabrina, to help me find the perfect wig.  Like people on a mission, Afsan and Sabrina walked up and down the aisle bringing first one wig, then another.  The store had a silly policy of “try no more than 4 wigs”‘ which they waived for us because they could see that we meant business.  I ended up buying 3 wigs.  One that looks like my own hair, complete with gray hair!  One that is a bit funkier which has a mind of its own (I’m not sure I like its mind so we are learning to cope).  And a blonde wig that makes me look like J. Lo!  Total cost for all 3 wigs:  Less than $200.   Cancer has not taken away my ability to bargain!  And then I found out that our Insurance Company pays up to $200 for wigs.  Oops, I threw away my original receipt, so really have no choice but to buy more wigs.  Cancer has not diminished my love of shopping!

Afsan working her magic

Buying a wig is one thing.  Wearing it correctly is a different story.  Over to Afsan, to get the technique right.  There are 3 points you have to focus on:  the centre of your forehead, and the two points beside the top of your two ears.  If you get these 3 points right, you know that your wig is exactly where it should be on your head; slightly off  and it doesn’t quite work.   You also need to make sure that the wig sits behind your ears and not on it as I found out painfully when I ended up with real sore ears.  Then you need to ensure that your wig is secure at the back of your head – and there are clips to help you do this – so that if you are a hugger like I am, your wig does not fall off!  I also found out that you can straighten and curl your wig, wash it, cut it (what?) and put hairspray on it.  

 I still find it difficult to comb the wigs as you have to do it on a mannequin, as opposed to on your head — which is a bit unnatural (and I am not a hairdresser).  But I am slowly getting a bit more comfortable.  

The Bohemian Look

To take it one step further, I spoke to a designer friend of mine, Justine.  I lamented to her that I have yet to find a hat that likes me.  She agreed vehemently and told me to give up the quest.  She suggested I go with a bohemian look and got me funky scarves and headgear that she sourced from Korea.  I am sharing these with other people who have cancer and they too are adopting the bohemian look. 

Thank you to so many of you who encouraged me to explore and experiment with wigs and other head gear.  Wigs and head gears give you a chance to play, reinvent yourself and have fun at the same time.  As Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…”, and with these wigs, I have many opportunities to play! 

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  1. tommorrow is a different day,
    every day is different so heck it out ,it will be different and better each day…..
    soon all the days will be memories of past …..

  2. I thought about you during my holdiays with my mother and prayed for you even outside TORONTO

    KEEP GOING !!!!

    Sometimes we just have to keep moving with the flow …..

  3. Munira, this is Patti – so happy to read about your wig experience, and glad you made it through Monday’s chemo and Tuesday’s transfusion. I like the wig/beret combination you have in the picture – it looks just like your own hair – amazing! The beret definitely works – as a person who also looks terrible in hats, I suggest you keep the beret – that is a good look for you!

  4. Mukhiani Ma,

    You look gorgeous! i am originally from Nairobi Kenya, located in seattle wa! moved here in 2000. Once again you are beautiful! mashallah.

  5. Dearest Mukhianima,
    Always a pleasure to read your blog! You are such a happy person! Stay that way.
    Sending you special prayers always, would love to come by for a visit. Let me know when please!

    Love Always,


  6. Scarves are great… try without Munira. In summer you are sure to appreciate it. When I went bald (by choice, twice) I didn’t even bother with a scarf. My head felt so light and I used to enjoy those warm summer days more.

    Ok. So it takes mastery to wear a wig and to wear it with flair!
    If you take the stance of “No Matha Kuti” and not wear a wig, a hat, or a scarf, and instead embrace your shaved look; let’s look at the pros and cons of it.

    More savings on hair products and head accessories. You are richer than you think!
    Less stress and time savings, not having to set your hair daily in that perfect style you like!
    You never have to complain about a bad hair day ever again!
    You’ll be the first to feel the wrath of the scorching sun-rays, raindrops, and snowflakes! (Don’t need no weather girl no more.)
    Can ride in “My Car” with the roof off, windows rolled down, gangster music blasting, and looking elegant and hip hop at the same time.
    Your facial features have made a big come back! (Your eyes look prettier. Your lips look fuller. Your cheekbones look higher. Your nose look graceful-ler…
    Your funky earrings make more of a stunning statement!
    Need I go on? The list goes on…

    No hair to pull when you get angry! Oh, but that’s a once in a blue moon for you.
    It gets a bit cold… Ah, but the warm weather is on its way!
    Not everyone’s head is shaped or meant to carry bald gracefully. Yes, true but yours is!

    You will carry any look with grace Munira…with your endorsement; shaved head is so “in!


  7. Munira,
    Before we know it, you have a training course organized for women who want to purchase wigs. What a great story that only you could tell. Hang in there and know that you are in our prayers and thoughts.
    Lynda and Dave

    1. Thanks Lynda Cavnagh – – I am just writing a blog about the 10 darnest things people have told me after they found out I have cancer. If it were not so sad, it would be very funny. I tell you, cancer is so educatonal! Thank you for your beautiful cards and I loved the photo of you with ’em kids! Munira

    1. Ok Julie — You asked for this! Your innocent comment reminded me of a purple song I used to sing to the kids. Here are some of the words. Do you know it?

      “Well I saw the thing comin’ out of the sky
      It had the one long horn, one big eye
      I commenced to shakin’ and I said “ooh-eee”
      It looks like a purple eater to me

      It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater
      (One-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater)
      A one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater
      Sure looks strange to me

      1. Yes I know it! You are so amazing to share your journey and to reply to all these comments. It’s great to stay connected to you through this. Miss you xoxoxo xoxo xoxoxo

  8. You are a beautiful human being inside/out! very rare to see people like you. I feel very privileged to have met some one like even though if it is just on line. I will look you up the next time i come to Toronto I have lots of family there.

  9. Munira Mukhiani,
    I was so looking forward to seeing a picture of you in the blonde wig!!!! I am enjoying the blogs but would love to see more pics of you and the family!!!
    Special love and prayers to you and the fam.
    Would love to see you soon when you’re feeling a bit better and have a bit of energy for a visit!


    1. Ok i promise to post some pictures tomorrow – you’re right – a picture speaks a thousand words! Trying to attach them but am having difficulty for some reason. Munira

  10. Last year I bought a wig for my aunt, firmly ignoring the fact that she asked for a simple style with no curls, highlights, or bangs. The one that I picked, looked so good on me that I wanted to keep it. Knowing that if I ever need to look different, I can look better felt great! So I can imagine you trying on many new looks, not wanting to settle for just one or two. Your attitude towards life is just too infectious Munira… one of the reasons that I idolize you.

    Love always, Deva

    1. Can’t wait to show you the new looks Deva. Honestly, sometimes i find it easier to just don a scarf and putter about. But embracing the journey is about learning about wigs and making that part of my repertoire. So I will make the effort to dress up! Munira

  11. Dearest Munira Mukhiani
    Glad you are home after your chemo. I am sure you look gorgeous in all 4 wigs, as always, the best dressed in JK. Always thinking about you and praying for your good health.
    Big hug……..

    1. 3 wigs at the moment. Pershaps 6 by tomorrow!
      This week was tough with chemo on monday and a blood trasnfusion on tuesday. So i am resting today and getting caught up on emails, etc. Thanks for the big hug. Munira

  12. Mukhiani Ma,

    You are something out of this world!! where do you get all the courage and positivity.! Mashallah
    May you all remain this way.

  13. Muni, yes playing is fun. I have a pink scarf on today as the wig was making me hot and itchy yesterday :). Please post some pictures :).

    Love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. There with you in heart and spirit.


    1. I know about itchy. I wear this blue, hoser cap to sleep because I can’t handle the itching when my head hits the pillow. Ouch! Ok I will post pictures tomorrow. Love yo so much Zara

  14. Mukhiani Munira, that is such an entertaining piece! Learning so much from you – taking everything in your stride and making the most of it. Our prayers are with you.

  15. Happy to see that cancer has not taken away your ability to bargain! I often talk about what great deal you bargain for us with Harvard… 🙂

    I wore the scarf you gave me yesterday… I got a lot of good compliment.. Another reason to talk about you….
    I miss you.. Take care…

  16. Oh Munira, your sense of play makes me so happy. I can just imagine you kindly, playfully and firmly ignoring the “4-wig limit” and finding your look(s). I bet you look gorgeous in each. xoBJ

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