Darkness before dawn

It was a dark night indeed.  I woke up with a sense of dread.  Muni’s body was extremely hot and her limbs were shaking.

“Oh, no!”, I said.  “This isn’t supposed to happen”.  How can she have a fever now?  After every precaution we’ve taken?  5 injections of Neupogen to promote white cell production, 3,000mg of Valacyclovir daily to prevent infections, no going out, no visitors during the “dip”.

But a fever she had.  First, 38.7 degrees and then, despite two Tylenols, 39.5 degrees.  All throughout the day, fighting fever and fighting to NOT go to hospital.  Not to have multiple needle pokes to have blood drawn and saline solution and drugs injected into near-dead or non-existent veins.  Not to be isolated from the world. Not to be with noisy neighbours, smelly rooms.

Finally, after the Blue Jays had thrashed Shayne’s Atlanta Braves 12-4, and after Lewis Hamilton had won the Canadian Grand Prix and 8,000mg of Extra Strength Tylenol had not done their job,  she finally agreed to go for a leisurely Sunday drive downtown and maybe to the hospital.

Efficient as always, within a couple of hours, Muni had been poked and prodded at TGH Emergency, seen by now-familiar nurses and doctors and diagnosed — for the third time — with Febrile Neutropenia and Anemia.  Disappointingly, the White Blood Cell count was 0, and the Red Blood Cell count was 68.  No wonder she was fighting a fever and was dizzyngly tired and fatigued!

The kids showed up just in time as my head was throbbing from the tension. And, as our kids are wont to do, they livened up the atmosphere and sent me back home.

Overnight, I’m thinking:  Could it be that the chemo drugs have knocked down all the bad cells and are now zeroing in all the good cells?  Or, is the cancer so aggressive that we are losing the battle.  We will have to wait until Wednesday to see Dr. Tiedemann about the results of the bone marrow biopsy.

You’ve heard the expression that it is darkest before dawn.  Well…

Sabrina stayed up all night with Muni and they ended up in this beautiful new ward for head and neck injuries (huh?).  Just as the blood transfusion was finished, Muni’s cell phone rings.  It’s Dr. Tiedemann. 

“Oh no!” Said Sabrina.  Why is he calling today?  Is there a problem?  “Mrs. Premji”, he said, “I have some good news for you.  I have reviewed the bone marrow test results, and there is no sign of lymphoma. And, the myeloma cells have reduced as well.”

Yay! The Lymphoma has been beaten and the Multiple myeloma has been knocked back. 

We said Shukran tasbih (prayers of thanks) and then celebrated…with a grape popsicle!

Still smiling after a long battle with Lymphoma

We still have some ways to go, starting with:  Get Muni out of the hospital, then deal with further treatments for Myeloma.  But, we thought we would share this joyful news with you!


Cancer can be beaten?
Cancer has been beaten!

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  1. Ya Ali Madat, Nagib Mukhisaheb, Munira Mukhianisaheba, Sabrina, Shaine, Maa and Naaz….

    Excellent news…. We continue to pray for a complete recovery. Our prayers are for you day and night,
    Mowla always looks after His children.

    May Mowla Bless you and your entire family and give you strength and courage to fight the cancer and Inshallah will see you in JK soon. I know you were there on the weekend of July 22-23, but weI missed you.

    Our prayers for the entire family!!

    Moazali Nanji & Family.

  2. Remember there is light at the end of the tunnel & we all have to reach out,race & sometimes fight to get a glimpse…And you Mukhiyani are a fighter with a very strong will & YOUR FAMILY is your ARMY!!!
    Mowla be with all of you every step to the end of the Tunnel .

  3. Munira & Nagib,
    This is a marvelous news. It is really amazing. So happy for you both.
    Hugs and Kisses to Munira.
    Chantal :))))))))

  4. Munira,

    I am so happy to read the latest news….you are in my prayers..

  5. Yes! Just the motivation Munira needs to stay in the fight – and she’s got the best “trainers” in her corner. Your family is wonderful! Love, Patti.

  6. you are one of the best leaders who willingly shares and helps and smiles with people around
    you walk the talk and talk the walk,unlike others


  7. I can’t imagine what you have been going through, but thank you for allowing us into your lives and taking us along this ride.

    So, so glad to hear the news…and you are truly a blessed family. You’ve made me feel all goose-bumpish and nice.

    Love, hugs and kisses,

    Shehnaaz and Karim Dhanani

  8. Congratulations to awesome Premji family!! Well done Mukhiani Munira. You have truly demonstrated how to overcome challenges. With Mowla’s grace, jamat’s prayers and love we look forward to seeing you at khane; very soon. We offer prayers in Mowla’s Huzur to bless you with complete recovery, good health, long life and immense material and spiritual barakat………..Ameen

  9. Hello Munira: I was devasted to hear of your cancer but knowing you from our Bait-ul-Ilm days, I know you are a fighter and I also know that he will give you the strength to see you thru this time. Imran is doing well and Salim is now in Dar-es-Salaam, gaining work experience before going on to do his MBA. I am delighted to read about your progress and I am catching up with your regular up dates. WOuld love to visit, when you are ready, just call me. much love, Nazira Janmohamed xoxo

  10. My darling Muni, you are a brave soldier that has just won a tremendous battle. It is a battle and its NOT easy!. My love, light and prayers are with you as I am confident you will come through all this shining brighter than ever!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  11. This is wonderful news!!! Go Munira!
    Giving you strength always! Continue to be strong!

  12. Sometimes life seems a little scary, but Mukhiani Maa, with your strength, courage and HOPE – you kicked Cancer’s Butt!. You are a very brave and loving person and I admire you very much.

  13. Wow ! Congratulations to the entire Premji/kurji family. My heart is just smiling for you!. Way to go Mukhianima. Missing you a lot & always praying for you.
    take care, Glory be to Allah!
    Warm hugs and prayers always!

    Rashida Kanji

  14. This is the best news. Munira, you are a trooper. Your smile is what is getting rid of all that bad stuff. You are an angel. Hang on and with this good news it can only get better.
    love, Lynda and Dave

  15. We are really happy to hear such good news. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always. Best of luck. Nazir and Yasmin Dossa

  16. Fantastic news. Our prayers are with you everyday. All the best. Nimet and Alnasir Samji

  17. Amazing…..I am so proud of you Munira Mukhianima…keep up the courage and faith…and for the family…may Mowla give you strength to overcome this challenge…amen…my prayers and warm thoughts are with you and the family.

  18. Shukhar Mowla, Thank you for the good news, you are and always will be in our prayers. With Mowla on our side and so many prayers YOU have to get better Ameen.

  19. Shukhar alhamdulillah,way to go Muni or shall I say “champ” ,me thinks that is what you should be called from now on. I like that “champ”, has a wonderful ring to it .You by the way look absolutely vibrant and those c cells have no chance against a smile like yours,way to go Premji family,our prayers are with you always and for one more myeloma to conquer and inshallah we can do that cruise next year together ,we pray for your full recovery.Ameen

    Immi,Rubina,Azmaira ans Farizah

  20. Munira and family,
    What terrific news! I am so happy for you. Keep up the brave fight and my prayers are with you. Take care and a big hug!

  21. Shukar! So happy to hear the wonderful news- your family has been in my prayers and my thoughts and will continue to be- Inshallah your journey will continue to bring good news! all my love! xx

  22. Shukar! all the prayers has brought the dawn to it’s brightest – can’t wait to see Mukhianima bring her brightest personality back amongst us. We are so Happy to hear the battle has been won!
    Mebs, Zoe and Rosie

  23. Shukar Alhamdulilah!

    May the dawn bring the brightest sun!!

    Thinking of you,
    Shelina Shivji

  24. I started my day reading the post…how wonderful and joyful are this news!! Munira you are a great fighter. Nagib, I know how much strength is required from you and your family to face this period of uncertainty. You are doing it with so much courage and faith. Keep going. Big kiss and hug to Munira. God speed.

  25. Sukar mawla….. Great news. Our deepest prayers are with mukhiani ma and the entire family.

    Thank you SOO much for sharing. Been praying for you, love you loads.
    xoxo yez.

  27. I’m crying tears of joy for you! Thank you for sharing this wonderful news. Shukar Alhamdulillah!

  28. Wow!!! Congratulations firstly to you Munira Mukhiani. This is the best news I’ve heard and my heart is beaming for you. Congratulations to Mukhisaheb, Shayne, Sabrina, your sister and mom as well, because it is their support, prayers and unconditional love that is giving you this wonderful strength throughout this difficult journey. And congratulations to your entire family, support group, friends, acquaintances, co-workers and all the lives you’ve touched because those few but most impacting words Dr. Tiedmann said, has brought more hope, a little sense of calm, inner peace and the knowledge that God’s miracles do exist in this world!!!

    Our special love to you all,

    The Nathoos

  29. Such incredible news for an inspirational fighter. I woke up to this post and read it in bed before work. Made my day. Sending you lots of love and hugs from Geneva!

  30. Glad to hear the news. You are always in our prayers and thoughts. Lots of love, hugs & kisses!
    Khatun, Shafiq, Farzana ,Shazma & Noreen

  31. Great News!! Munira you are a cancer warrior and you are winning. I will keep praying and thinking of you always.


  32. Hey Munira, looks like my source was spot on. I told you so.

    Will you be having that bbq?

    Have fun in Florida!!!!!


  33. Our prayers are always with you ,,,,Yipee -upon hearing the grt news,,Amin/ Zebeen & kids

  34. To say this is wonderful news doesn’t give it nearly the enormous size of the joy I felt when I read your words. Thank you thank you for sharing your dark moments and triumphs and then – this latest amazing news! Love and blessings, BJ

  35. Shukar!! I am so over-joyed and absolutely thrilled to read this!! There is always light at the end of the tunnel!! Our thoughts and prayers and continuously with you all!!

  36. Nagib, thanks so much for the update and for sharing the wonderful news from the Dr that the Lymphoma has been stomped out and the mylenoma is following suit. Way to fight Premji family!!

  37. That’s wonderful news!! Munira, with an infectious smile like that, no unfriendly cells can possibly survive :o). I look forward to seeing you again…..a Wendy’s frosty, perhaps?

  38. Shukar.

    Mukhianima, the day you can see visitors, I will book a ticket to Toronto, and give you a big bear hug.

    -Fatima (from Chicago)

  39. Dear Nagib,

    I was thrilled to read these three lines below:

    There is no sign of lymphoma.
    The Mmyeloma cells have been reduced.
    The cancer has been beaten!

    Yeah! Go Munira!

    My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

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