What is your personal statement?

This week I have been watching my daughter work intently into the night.  With painful  concentration she taps away furiously on her laptop, willing the words to come out in the way her  mind envisages.  I see her scratch her head absentmindedly as her mind works overtime.  Occasionally, I see her smile, sometimes I see her shake her head as she reflects on what she has written.

Sabrina is working on her applications for a masters program.  Part of the process is writing a compelling Personal Statement of who you are and the impact you want to have in the world.  And she has 600 words to do this.  In addition to grades, GRE scores, work experience, etc. the Personal Statement is an integral part of the application process.  There are no interviews for the school to assess you.  So your Personal Statement is your opportunity to convey who you are and why the school should accept you.  And when your school of choice gets 9000 applications, and accepts only 10% of those students, your Personal Statement is essential to set you apart.


That got me thinking.  What if we made a conscious effort to create a Personal Statement that reflects who we are, what we stand for and the legacy we want to leave behind.  What if we had only 600 words to do this?  What would it say about who we are and what we want in life?  More importantly, what is it about each one of us that makes us unique and special?  What gifts do we bring to the world?  What are our talents?

In the past 9 months, my Personal Statement has changed considerably.  It used to be that my focus and priority revolved around work. Work really did consume much of my time and thought. And while that served me well, perhaps I compromised other facets of my life. Now my Personal Statement has words that are a bit foreign to me, but are beginning to grow on me.  Words like compassionate and kindness.  Words like play and fulfillment.  Words like family and friends and community. Words like joy and legacy.  And I am trying to fit patience in there as well, which is something I need to learn!

I read a wonderful quote by Leo Buscaglia the other day that said, “Your talent is God’s gift to you; what you do with it is your gift to God.”    Life is fragile and time is not an unlimited resource.  Now is the time to unleash your special gifts and talent into the world!

– Munira


18 thoughts on “What is your personal statement?”

  1. Although it may come across as being conceited, Sabrina could wrap up her Personal Statement in one word…”Perfect”.


    1. Munira – You and Sabrina have the most amazing way of articulating and that is possibly your gift back to God; your ability to put in words in such an eloquent manner. God bless – It was good to see you in JK on Monday. Love Yasmin Ratansi

  2. What a wonderful & inspiring message as usual Munira. That quote is a “keeper” for sure.
    Wishing Sabrina success with her Master application as well.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. I am certain Sabrina’s Life Statement will be well worth reading. She will make an excellent Master’s candidate. I will keep my fingers crossed for her. Love, Patti.

    1. Hi Patti. I am hoping to read Sabrinas life starement this weekend – and i cant wait! Sorry for not connecting with you earlier. We had talked about meeting up at PMH last Thursday. There have been some changes in my schedule and will be spending many days in the hospital in October. I will call you next week. Love. Munira

  4. No matter how good the personal statement is ,make sure you are “yourself” at the interview, too !Flowery or big words or “too good to be true” words can create a sense of doubtness to the reader on the other side as the reader might think “you have copied from somwhere ” or are being couched to write. Just be yourself.After all , you are who who you are, you dont have to pretend , besides , “personal statements CAN change over time,cant they?

    you will make it !!dont worry too much about it

  5. This blog which has become part of my life inspire and challenge me and makes me speak to God for you Munira and Premji family. For the Love you are showing all of us. Be inspired too that God is walking with you and you are creating a legacy through the inspiring messages he is putting in you. Sabrina all the best with the masters program. Your personal statement will be real because that is the passion i have seen in you.

    1. Dear Lucy. I really love the visual of God walking with me. It makes me feel safe and warm! Thank you also for reading the blog regularly. I agree with your comments about Sabrina! Munira

  6. Wishing Sabrina success in her career! I am sure she will definitely make an excellent Master’s candidate. Be sure God is watching you every step of the way.


    1. Hi Rashida. I am also rooting for Sabrina. By the way, she just published her first book that talks about her experiences in Africa. It’s nice to visualize God watching over is all! Munira

  7. Hello Munira,
    I do read your inspiring messages as soon as I receive them. I hope this will find you good. I see the words you used, the angle of life you see, your appreciation and gratitude, the beauty of it, the quality of question you raised. I am in a room of my house working in front of a window looking at the beautiful trees outside, a little bit of wind just enough to make leafs move. The sky is gray but calm. I feel quiet, in peace with myself. I hope you feel the same.
    I am thinking of you.

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