Something significant happened to me a couple of weeks ago.  Something that has made me stronger.  A game changer!  It was a very small shift in perspective, but a powerful one in helping me continue to redefine my relationship with cancer.

It all came about when I was coaching a friend.  She was telling me about some difficult issues she was having in her personal life.  As I heard her speak, I recognized that her focus was on things that were bugging her and so she was not able to get any traction.  I challenged her to redefine her focus and think not only about what was bugging her but rather, how she wanted things to be.  By clarifying what she wanted, she was able to move forward more productively.

And that’s when it hit me.  I needed to do the same.  I stopped focusing on the cancer and shifted my focus to living fully, with vitality and intention.  By doing this, the cancer has become a very small part of my life.  Yes, I have weekly hospital visits, chemo treatments, side effects, blood transfusions, etc.  Yes, I have tough days.  Yes, I am aware of the reality of my situation and I know what I’m up against.

But I don’t focus on this.  I accept them as things that need to be done and then move on.  I don’t fight it or get mad about it.  And the result has been outstanding. Cancer has become a part of my life, but a very small part — one that I don’t give too much energy or attention to.  Not making cancer the focal point of my life, has allowed me to focus on things I want to pay attention to and given me the bandwidth to explore what I want to do.  And the possibilities are endless!

By shifting my focus, I feel energized and alive!  In the past two weeks, I have built a website, started recording my third CD, spent quality time with friends, attended a reading done by a friend at The Totally Unknown Writers’ Festival at The Rivoli ( and worked on projects around the house. 

I have learnt a valuable lesson.  It’s not about what challenges or issues we have in life — we all have our fair share.  It’s about what we choose to focus on.  When we focus our time and energy on the right things, we can accomplish extraordinary things.

– Munira.


16 thoughts on “FOCUS”

  1. Dearest Munira,
    I just quoted your views to Sanath about focusing our energy on the right things and felt so wise! You continue to teach me and I feel energized every time I read one of your blogs. Thank you for your writing and wisdom. They keep me real and glad to have what I have in my life.

  2. Well first of all I must say you look absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

    Secondly, I have to say, your words of wisdom somehow have found me at a most opportune time.

    Munira, I beleive we form some special bonds with people in our lives and the one that you have with Nagib, I can relate to as I feel the same about Arif. He is my BESTEST friend, my soul mate and above all my teacher in life. We were having a talk about the topic of “focus” just last week.
    Let me tell you, when life throws things at you, sometimes it is very hard to follow logic and what you know you must need to do without your emotions and heart coming in the way.

    Sometimes life throws you challenges which become blessings.
    Sometimes, life throws you blessings which become challenges.
    It’s how you direct your focus which will have the biggest impact.

    It’s funny, I was saying to Arif, and I know you are aware that our family has been blessed with a meaningful task….so the focus has changed……. it’s not HOW MANY people you know, what credentials and titles they may have, but it may be those individuals around us whom we may or may not know, who lead the most simplest lives that may be our biggest teachers in life……It is those people we have to focus on. To make them happy, to make them feel wanted, respected, loved, cherished and valued. It is those people who we will positively affect, whom will bring us the most happiness in our lives….”laws of physics”.

    This is what you have done for me. A major difference in a very simple person’s life!! Thank you.
    Thank you for echoing what Arif has been trying to “push” on me!!! (I know he’s going to say to me, “how come you always listen when Munira says something and you just ignore me!”…have to keep things alive you

    Lots of love, hugs and prayers to you all.
    Arf, Dilshad, Nareesa and Tahara

  3. Time is the raw material for success and achievement,
    and time is what you have this very day.
    The time you need to achieve the life of
    your dreams is coming to you even now.

    No matter what has come before or in what circumstances you find yourself,
    there is one thing you can always do. You can make the very most of whatever you have,
    of wherever you find yourself, of the time that is available for you to use.
    Do that today, tomorrow, the next day and the next,
    and you’ll have very little to regret and much for which to be grateful.


    1. Salome,
      I must say, I love reading all those wonderful quotes you add to these blogs. They are so meaningful and always teach me something. THANK YOU!

  4. good, you took a pause but rose up from the pause and revived , help yourself by eating healthy too ,even if it tastes rough, take in small quantity , good healthy food will fight off the sickness to some point and you will feel good, and energetic

  5. Dearest Munira, once again you inspire me and give me strength to fight my own battles. God Bless you for sharing and making a difference in our lives without realizing! Our paths have crossed and everyday I give Thanks, and think to myself that maybe your purpose is also to write and educate, and guide. love you loads, keep positive.

  6. What a beautiful photo of you. You look sensational.Thank you for those thoughts and words. I will keep them in mind and also pass them on to many who will also appreciate them. Continue to keep positive and know that you are such an inspiration. I don’t think you realize how much.

    love, lynda

    1. I love hearing from you my Lynda! You have always inspired me and I love you so! We were tree trimming yesterday and remembered all the years we spent at your place to decorate the christmas tree. Munira

  7. Munira you keep me motivated. I would also wish you to feel motivated by knowing that you are always in my mind and care from far. Feel loved. HUGS

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