They’re Engaged!

IMG-20151023-WA003We have known for a few weeks that this would happen!  Afzal connected with us on Skype from Kenya and told us that he was going to propose to Sabrina.  He told us he loved Sabrina with all of his heart, and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.  He asked for our blessings and showed us the ring that he planned to buy for her.  He also told us that he had not decided when the actual proposal would happen.  His one wish was that it would be when she least expected it.  Since that day Nagib and I have been sitting in this place of joy, of suspense, of anticipation.  It is like we are characters in this story but we don’t know the whole plot.  Would the proposal be in New York in September when Afzal bought the ring?  Perhaps in Beijing in October?  Or in Johannesburg where they are attending a conference in November? Or In Toronto in December?

Well, it happened today.  In China.  At the Great Wall of China.  Afzal proposed and Sabrina was too shocked to say anything until she found her voice and said, “Of course.  Of course.  Of course,  of course.  Of course”.  And we could not be more ecstatic.  Ecstatic that these two exceptional people found their way to each other.  That, out of 7.3 billion people in the world, the two of them met, connected, became friends, started dating, opened up a business together and got engaged!   I can still remember vividly cuddling in bed with Sabrina and reading Dr. Seuss books together.  When did my little girl grow up?

Watching Afzal and Sabrina together is a treat.  They find delight in each other.  They live their lives fully and with no regrets.  They bring out the best in each other. They push each other to be the best versions of themselves.  Afzal is gregaroius and fun with a big personality.  Sabrina is thoughtful and reflective and likes harmony.  He is smart and creative and lives in the world of possibilities.  She sees patterns and connections, likes structure and is fearless.  Like yin and yang.  They are equal partners and are each other’s best friend.  Shayne has coined a term for the two of them and sometimes affectionately calls them “Subzal”,   Recently, I remember asking Sabrina, where home is for her, given that she travels extensively between New York, Nairobi and Toronto.  Her response:  “Home is where Afzal is”.

Individually they are strong.  Together they are an unbeatable team.  They believe in the impossible and make things happen.  Like starting a social enterprise in the slums of Africa against all odds.  Like taking the road less travelled.  Like designing their lives and creating their own destiny.  They have made believers of us of what is possible with hard work, faith and  luck.  And what I find so striking about them, individually and collectively,  is that they are open to learning, generous with people around them and fun to be around.  I have noticed that when they are around, the laughter quotient goes up exponentially in the Premji household!

Right now, I keep hearing a tune in my head from the movie Moulin Rouge.  The refrain from this song is, “the greatest gift you’ll ever know, is just to love, and be loved in return….”  How incredible that these two people found this precious gift in each other.

I am so thankful that I am alive to witness this milestone event in their lives.  And I wish for them the most brilliant, radiant and illuminated life, a kaleidoscope of opportunities, the greatest adventures ever imagined and a love that transcends space and time!

Congratulations Sabrina and Afzal!


Afzal and Sabrina at The Great Wall of China October 23, 2015
Afzal and Sabrina at The Great Wall of China
October 23, 2015

23 thoughts on “They’re Engaged!”

  1. What a beautiful love story, and it is just the beginning! Congratualtions to everyone!

  2. Beautiful to hear from you Rashida from Vancouver! Thank you for taking the time to reconnect. Yes, please send the picture!

  3. What WONDERFUL WONDERFUL News! So so happy for all of you.
    I bet it hasn’t sunk in yet! and the same must be true for Sabrina & Afzal!
    Yes, you’re absolutely right to love and be loved is the greatest gift of all. Many years filled with laughter & joy are wished for all of you. Ameen

  4. Dear Munira and Nagib
    Many many congratulations to both of you and to Sabrina and Afzal for much success on their journey….warm thoughts…prayers and blessings.
    I was so happy to finally meet you in Toronto ……at a funeral!!!!
    I still have to share our pictures.
    Wishing you great health…peace…happiness…success and lots of barakat..Ameen 🙂

  5. Wow, What awesome news! I remember her as a little girl!
    Lots of Mubaraki to Sabrina and Afzal and of course to the proud parents. May all their wildest dreams come true. I am super happy for you!

  6. What a great news, congrats and thanks for sharing it’s very tough to find the life partner from over 7-billion people, I think Sabrina & Afzal are not only lucky but they have blessings of their parents who taught them the right path and they follow to make their own dreams come true. Congratulations💝 love from Sajjad

  7. What wonderful news. Thank you for sharing. Dave and I wish Sabrina and Afzal years of happiness. They are such a perfect couple. I can see by your note that you and Nagib are over the moon.

  8. Huge congratulations and best wishes for a long lifetime of happiness, for Sabrina and Afzal. Indeed, what joy for the Premji family! XOXOXO

  9. Sabrina, Afzal – soooo happy for you. You are meant for each other. Munira, Nagib, my heart sings with you in your happiness as you celebrate Sabrina and Afzal’s engagement. XOXO Barb

  10. Congratulations to you all!! Wishing Afzal and Sabrina all the very best together and may they always be guided, have lots of love, trust and respect for each other and have happy healthy and long lives.

    Love, Shafiq & Farzana

  11. Lots of Mumbarakis to the happy couple – and to the parents of course. You have my permission (you don’t really need it!) to stay put on cloud nine for as long as you like 😊. I am sure Subzal will be there too.

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