A recording of Tasbihs

It started out as an idea.  Over time it became a vision.  Then it was about bringing people together to bring this vision to reality.  This was a collaborative effort, with each contributor bringing something special to the process.  And today we have a product, a recording titled “Gulistan-e-Akeedat” which means Garden of Devotion.  And after many months of working on this project, we are thrilled to share this recording with you!

The recording is a series of prayers in the praise of Allah.  It was created with love by the vocalists to transport listeners to a place of spiritual bliss and tranquility. Munira Premji initiated and led the project.  With raw energy and enthusiasm, Salim Nensi shared insights on how to move this project forward, including making the soundtrack available on-line.   Khairunissa Gangani brought her passion for music, design, beauty and structure to the team; her involvement was integral to the team. Shahzadi Devje came up with the title of the recording and lent her beautiful voice to the recording. Karim Dayani starts off with a solo piece at the beginning of the recording and was the technical expert, responsible for enunciation.

Flute Player Jatinder (Jeetu) Prakash provides the soulful music that permeates the recording.  Jeetu is known for playing flute in the Oscar winning score for the movie, Life of Pi, as well as playing the flute for the movie, Chloe.  Jeetu is an instinctive flute player and his music in divinely inspired. As he played, we experienced a myriad of emotions.  His music is at once, energetic, exuberant, plaintive, reminiscent, choral, mysterious, sustained, swirling and graceful.

The recording was done by the talented Khalid Saleem of Saleem Recording Studio. Khalid also provided the keyboard accompaniment.

The recording is available on SoundCloud.  To listen to the recording, click on the link below:

Feel free to send the following link out to your family and friends if you think they will enjoy it.

Our hope is that this recording will be shared with listeners worldwide to bring joy and prayer in their lives. This is a recording we are so proud to share with you!

10 thoughts on “Gulistan-e-Akeedat”

  1. I just picked up your message Alisha! I am so thrilled that you like the recording; feel free to share it with family and friends. it truly was so joyful to put it together. We are working on part 2. Sending you lots of love!

  2. Thank you so much for the compilation of the tasbihs and sharing of your inspirational stories. You have touched many people around the world.

    I was wondering if you have thx tasbihs in MP3 format.

  3. Thank you AGAIN…..what a beautiful and enriching way to start my New Year!!!

    Love to you all for this wonderful creation of true art!!!


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