About Munira

Born in Moshi, Tanzania, Munira Premji – affectionately known as Muni – has spent her last 34 years in Toronto.

Those around her describe her as having an infectious personality – a passionate, caring person who connects with people and lives her life to the fullest.  She is an accomplished HR practitioner, accredited coach and community leader.  She is well-known for her unique jewelry, colourful socks, home-cooked tacos and big hugs.

She inspired the phrase “pulling a Muni” after repeatedly making things happen that no one else thought possible (e.g. getting march madness tickets in Chicago in 2002 after they were apparently completely sold out).  We all look for her to “pull a Muni” once again in 2012 by beating two cancers, sharing her journey and inspiring others to do the same.

68 thoughts on “About Munira”

  1. go on go on my lovely sister Munira!! nimebarikiwa sana kupitia wewe,ahadi pekee ya Mola kwako “hakika hutakufa ,utawaona wajukuu wa wajukuu wako”Mola anampango sahihi na wewe my dada Jane Rogers. Serengeti Tanzania

  2. Munira nimebarikiwa kupitia wewe,maombi yangu kwa Mola uwaone wajukuu wa wajukuu wako.Hakika hutakufa Mungu anampango sahihi na wewe. Jane, from serengeti Tanzania

  3. A very inspirational blog….and you know that you will win this WAR against cancer, as the positive attitude is your strongest weapon…you always knew what to say to me..if there is anything you or your family ever need (emotional support or otherwise), please do reach out to me (farzana esmail). Praying always for all those who live through this and for those who care for the warriors.

  4. Ya Ali Madad Mukhianimaa,

    It’s just an amazing sight to be seeing you at Willowdale Jamatkhana recently. You look as strong as ever, as determined as ever, as enthusiastic as ever. May you be blessed with a complete recovery soon, and be an inspiration to others…way to go!!

    My prayers are with you. And please let me know if I can support in any way.


    1. Hi Hanif. Thank you so much for your note. It was great to see you also. With God’s grace, I am doing incredibly well given the circumstances. I am comvinced that it is the prayers of so many that is keeping me going. Munira

  5. What a pleasure it was to meet you and your daughter today! I wish we could have met on a beautiful beach somewhere where we could have shared a fattening fruity ‘holiday drink’ instead of the collection unit at PMH….but, sometimes life throws us some unexpected detours as well as unexpected pleasures! The people I met today inspired me and gave me hope! Today was the first time in 6 months that Ian and I have received good news. (they got all the cells they needed today!!!) It has given me a true hope that I have not felt in months. Meeting you today was a blessing as I witnessed the love and pure joy of you enjoying your family. The number 18 and it’s multiples are lucky Jewish numbers. I donated 18.00 to you for luck today and I hope that we have the opportunity to meet again. Wishing you and your family the best for a long and wonderful future together!
    P.S.’ The boyfriend’ sure appears to be a winner!

    1. Risa. Our paths were meant to cross! I can’t believe that you turned out to be the phenomenal fundraising team, the Wexler, from the myeloma walk. It is indeed a small world. I am so happy that Ian got all the stem cells he needed today. That is wonderful news! I was not so lucky. I came to the hospital for additional stem collection today and my counts were low so they decided not to collect stem cells. Theu do have enough for one transplant so it’s not all bad news. Not sure what this means form me; we have an appt with our oncologist tomorrow so will have some answers. I will continue to keep you, Ian and your children in my prayers everyday. Let’s plan for the holiday drink when we are better – something to look forward to! And thanks a million for the $18 donation and the symbolism it represents! Much love, Munira

  6. Dear Munira,
    Reading about your journey, i am quite sure that you will beat cancer and you will survive. I just want you to continue your journey of hope with visiting us in Tajikistan. This will be a very good chance for you to change the climate after you are done with all the medical treatments. You will also meet with the Jamaat in Dushanbe and Khorog. I will be more that happy to welcome you at my place dear.
    Our prayers are with you. With warmest wishes.

  7. I only recently came across your blog. I read all the touching entries in one sitting, took pause and then re-read them all over again and then had a good cry. I was blown away at the courage, strength and love that your family demonstrates. I have always been wowed by you but instead of crying tears of sadness I was/am so inspired by you. You are such a great role model, mentor and human being.
    Your entire family is so beautiful. I can\’t believe how much the kids have grown and pray that my daughter (age 2 now!) and I will one day have the incredible relationship that you and Sabrina share (you are gorgeous Sabrina, btw!-hope you remember me)
    My wish for you today is to continue on this journey of hope, gratitude and learning with your head held up high and adorned by stylish headgear. My wish for you is to pay you back a thousand fold for every time you have gazed deeply into my eyes and sweetly wished things for me and my family. May all those prayers reach you softly and swiftly. May the world continue to be inspired by Munira Premji.
    Love, Rishma & family

    1. Dearest Rishma – – How wonderful to hear from you! I cannot believe that your little one is already 2 years old. I imagine that you are a wonderful mother! I really appreciate your comments about the blog. Coming from you it is a testament that what we are doing is making a difference. Thank you! I also accept with humility your heartfelt prayers and wishes. It means the world to me. Much love, Munira

  8. Hello Muni It was really really good to see you at Bayview JK on Sunday.

    Its nice to know that as you are going through your journey you still take the time to ask about my ordeals.

    All the best and our prayers are with you,

    Faizaan Shayaan and Sulaiman.

    1. Dearest Sulaiman – – You are very special to us. Would love to connect with you whenever you are ready. Take good care of yourself and our love and prayers with you as well. Premji Family

      1. Hello Muni and Nagib Firstly I wanted to thank you for your lovely message but frankly I expected no less from such wonderful and thoughtful people that you are………Theres many atimes I feel if I only had a little of those infectious feel good qualities that you so unselfishly shower on everyone just wanted to say you both are quite the inspiration you make an unbeatable team and we ask Mawla to grant us the joy of seeing more of you !! My love to all of you , Sulaiman.

    1. Dearest Maria. I feel your big hug and tithe peace and love. I am sorry we were not able to get together before I left Sanofi. I promise to call you when I am better and perhaps we can go out for lunch and catch up. Munira

      1. Hi Munira!
        How are you? Looking forward to hear from you, sanofi is not the same without you!!!.
        Maria Salinas

  9. Hi Munira,
    you are in my Dua’s, Allah is the most mericiful and beneficient. Inshallah all will be well.

  10. YAM Mukhianimaa,

    Always thinking of you, and reminiscing our wonderful memories together. Our sincerest prayers and earnest wishes for your good health and speedy recovery. We know you, you can do it!

    Best wishes always,
    Amin and Arzina Hamir

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence mukhisaheb and mukhianimaa. I plan to live a long and healthy life so will do everything I can to get well. Hopefully God has a masterplan for me once i conquer the cancers. I am so up for whatever is His will. Munira

  11. Hi Munira,
    Not sure if you remember me from Mombasa, we used to hang out in Makupa with my sister Yasmin, Amina Shivji and Tani…I went to Kensec as well. I just read your story and felt very sad. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep the smile on your chin.

    Nazira Sumar

    1. Wow Nazira. – We would have been so young at Kensec. 13? 14? Thank you so much for making the time to connect. I came to Mombasa in December last year and met a few people from Kensec. Very much appreciate your prayers. Munira

  12. IThink positively and masterfully, with confidence and faith, and life becomes more secure, more fraught with action, richer in achievement and experience. – Eddie Rickenbacker

    Keep strong and dont feel guilty, you have done nothing wrong,have faith and read motivational quotes from the internet or do anything that keeps you going okay.,
    please dont let us down, and feel free to ask for help at any time please

  13. You have such great strength and a big heart and filled with passion!
    My thoughts are with you.

    Hindy Brass

    1. Hi Hindi. – I am so sorry I could not connect with you before I left Sanofi. Everything happened so quickly and I ended up in hospital. Thank you for connecting with me and for your good wishes. Munira

  14. Mukhiani Saheba
    Always remember that the Almighty will never place a burden heavier than you can shoulder – with your iman and your sunny personality, and the support of your beautiful family, this too will pass!! Plse remember that ALL the jamati members of the Willowdale JK are behind you with their prayers for your speedy recovery and prayers to give you and your family the strength and resilience through this “interesting journey” as you put it.
    So hurry up and do whatever you have to do so we can see your radiant face in JK again!!!. In the mean time Mukhi Saheb you are going to have to make up for Mukhiani Saheba as well!!
    With a lot of love and prayers
    The Virani Family

    1. I love the urgency of your message – “hurry up and do whatever you have to do”. That’s my goal too! This is definitely an interesting journey. Thank you for your love and prayers. Munira

  15. Dear Mukhiani saheba,
    Our prayers are with you and your family. Wishing you a speedy recovery and maybe one day we will hear your beautiful voice again soon? I agree with mukhi saheb that you look beautiful even without your head scarf. I hope that other cancer patients will read your blogs and realize that they are not alone and also learn to fight like you. In other words, you haven’t stopped coaching.

    Kind regards,
    Rubina and Shamsh Harji

    1. Your note made me SO HAPPY! I had 6 clients that I was going to coach starting march. I had to cancel that and felt badly. You made me realize that perhaps I am now coaching in a different way. Thank you for making me realize this. Munira

  16. dear mukhiani ma
    how are you? its good that you are bieng strong, with your attitude Iknow you will fight cancer. Remember you were telling me your daughter was coming back from university? its good that she is here with you like your other family. I know your dua,volentering and sevice will pay of. If you don’t remembre me my name is sofia and every time I see you you always giving me compliments and prayers wich really pays of,because every time you give me dua I walk out of Willowdale khane with pride and I feel so so happy ! Now I pray for your hapiness, long life, and a ful recovery amen. I thank you for everthing you’ve done for me. Please reply soon love sofia

  17. am astounded by how you continue to be role models and allow us to look to you for inspiration, strength, learning and growing to out ful potential. have read and heard about standing on the shoulders of giants but till today never knew of sensed what that means. please accept our heartfelt thoughts and prayers for enduring spiritual, emotional and physical strength and resilience in your gruelling journey. hope you see and realize all the benefits of the dua and prayers you have showered others with.

    1. Thanks so much for your incredible words. You give us too much credit. We are just a simple family, going through an interesting journey. The blog was our way to keep connected with family and friends. We had no idea it would become so big. Really, really appreciate your support and prayers. Munira

  18. Go on Mukiani, “pull a Muni”! I have faith that you can and will do it.
    I am whole heartedly praying for your complete healing and for strength for your dear family during this leg of your journey…….

    Ps: Hair or no hair you’re beautiful!!

    Be well♥
    Filoza & Doogan

  19. Hello Munira: Our prayers and thoughts are with you, and we pray to Almighty Allah that may he make all your difficulties disappear permanently. Ameen.

    With Kind Regards,
    nadeem, aleem, nazma & shafik

  20. Munira…I am confident you will survive!!! All our prayers and thoughts are with you and family!!!..Shenaz Amershi (nee Alladina)…

    1. It was incredible to speak to you on the phone after almost 35 years. So many memories came back to me shenaz. Our dancing “chalk aye ja”‘ drinking Ribena at your home, learning Ginans in moshi Khane. Thank you so much calling me. Difficult as this journey is, look at the blessings it is creating. It reconnected us! Love. Munira

  21. Dear Mukhianisaheba

    If it was not for you and Mukhisaheb, we would not have become active members of Willowdale Jamatkhana and would not have had the opportunity to serve. Your courage, charisma and personality is infectious. There are many people who know you and feel so enlightened by your prayers, your care, compassion and love that you share with so many around you. Life is a test from Allah and some of us do face the real test of life, for some reason this person is you, BUT Mowla has chosen a real fighter, you have so much Iman, (faith), love and you are so generous, you have become an example to all of us around you and will continue to demonstrate to others how to have the will to survive and you will survive…..May Mowla be by your side as you go through this most difficult time in your life.

    With love and special prayers to you, Mukhisaheb, Shane and Sabrina. May he look after your all and give you all the courage and strength to overcome this.

    Mukhianisaheba, Mukhisaheb, Shane and Sabrina, you are all role models to all of us and we have so much to learn from you

    Please remember we are here for you at ALL times


    Nadeem, Zahra, Ziyaan, Khalil and Nabeel
    Nooreen, Alisha and Aryaan

  22. All our prayers and thoughts are with you and family. Your energetic, positive and vibrant attitude with God’s special blessings will pull you through sooner then later, quicker then slower, inshallah. Amen.


  23. Dear Mukhianimaa,

    You have a very special place in my heart. You held me, blessed me and prayed for me when I was a baby on April 1, 2006. You are in my prayers every day… I pray that you get all better really soon. I look forward to seeing you in khane so I can give you the biggest hug!

    Love Kahzmir Amin Kanji
    (Love and hugs from my mum, dad, grandparents and the whole family)

  24. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. You are truly an inspiration for others! Lots of warm hugs and well wishes for a quick recovery.

    Shafiq, Farzana, Shazma & Noreen

  25. Dear Munira:

    Akbar & I love you very much and our prayers are with you all the time. May Allah help you in your journey and give you the strength to get through this.

  26. Dear Munira, you are in our heart, thoughts & prayers.
    You are a fighter…and we are all cheering for you:)
    Much love,
    Yasmin, Shairose, Alykhan, Alnoor & Salim Kara (Jane/Weston Kamadia)

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