I Will Survive

Will Smith Flipped His Lid

I watched the chaotic incident with Will Smith and Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards and, like many people around the world, was stunned at what had just transpired. Was it part of the act, or something more? From a place of transparency, I love Will Smith.  I think he is a great actor. […]

Discovering the little things

As we spend time with Mos Malik and Amaal Noor, it is fascinating to us how they will focus on the little things. Give them a toy and they will immediately reach out for the tiny label attached to the toy, examine it and put it in their mouth. When crawling to a table, Mos […]

When Things Don’t Go According to Plan…

So here I was. Preparing to co-facilitate a full day leadership program on zoom for a client in Vancouver. Except I was in Nairobi, a full 11 hours ahead of BC. It was 6:30 pm Kenya time. I was in Shayne’s office, testing everything, getting ready, making sure that the technology was just right. The […]


It was a beautiful example of inclusion. On our recent trip to Nairobi, Nagib and I were at the Sarit Centre with Amaal. Amaal was asleep in her stroller, so we decided to take a much needed break and grab a coffee and cheesecake at The Spring Noshery, a chic and trendy cafe. Seated at […]


Her name is Winnie and she is an active, proud, redhead Kenyan, always moving, her eyes darting to acknowledge a new customer. She has a tiny stall right on the street where she sells fruits and vegetables – avocadoes, mangos, bananas, zucchini, a box of tomatoes or two. She happens to be located within walking […]