Choosing Hope: Living Courageously Through Adversity Season 2

It was with much trepidation that I embarked on my journey to become a podcast host during the COVID pandemic. I pored through materials, took a course on what it takes to have a great podcast, talked to people who had experience doing podcasts, and spent a long time coming up with the concept and […]


I invite you to participate in the #ChoosingHopeChallenge. What were you grateful for in 2020? What are you hopeful for in 2021?

I Had a Coffee Date with THE Ali Velshi!

It was an improbable item on my 50 Things wish list: A coffee date with Ali Velshi, the renowned news journalist and anchor at MSNBC.

Cottage Day: The 5 Love Languages

Cottage Day Each year, my family and I come together in December and have, what we term, a “cottage day” (minus the cottage).  This is when we take the full day, lose our laptops and phones, get into colorful pyjamas, cook together, eat, talk, listen to Christmas music and, just hang out. We talk about the year – our favourite movies, podcasts, books, memories, quotes, food, restaurants, best amazon […]

50 Things …

I had the pleasure of welcoming to my podcast, Choosing Hope: Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things, a woman with an enthralling story, Martha Southgate.  Martha lives in Chicago and hosts a podcast called Broken to Brave.  Early in 2018, when she was about to turn 50, all hell broke loose for Martha. She says in her […]