Munira Premji

Thanksgiving during COVID

Due to COVID, we could not celebrate Thanksgiving together as a family this year. So, we got creative…

Toronto Lit Up: Virtual Book Launch and Reading

Please join us on Thursday, July 23rd at 8 pm for a virtual book launch and reading of my book Choosing Hope: 1 Woman. 3 Cancers, hosted by Huse Madhavji!

Launching My Podcast – Choosing Hope: Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things

This week, I realized another bucket list item – to become a podcast host!  My podcast is called Choosing Hope: Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things, and it officially launched this week.  Each week, I interview ordinary, everyday people who are doing exceptional things, and give them a platform to talk about their passion and purpose. […]

A Turtle, 2 Fish and Mother’s Day

Four weeks ago, Sabrina and Afzal adopted a turtle in an aquarium.  A few days later, the previous owner of the turtle begged them to also adopt their two fish as they were leaving the country and the fish had no home. Sabrina and Afzal agreed to take the fish, albeit a little reluctantly. This […]

COVID-19: What consumers want

I recently read an article from the CEO of Walmart about America’s evolving shopping patterns during the coronavirus pandemic that made me smile, and then go hmmm…  What he says reflects my own experience of shopping during COVID-19.  Several weeks ago, before the lockdown, I went to our local Food Basics to look for Lysol […]

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